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DUBAI SKY DIVING starting from AED 2225

Sky Diving Experience

We call all the Adrenaline enthusiasts to try our skydive experience that will give you the thrill of freefall at over 120 miles per hour, while securely harnessed to one of our experienced and accomplished instructors at the Palm Dropzone. Located within the city of Dubai, the highlight of a tandem experience is the stunning view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah island from 13,000 ft. Within one hour of completing this adventure you will receive photographs and standard edited video of your experience on a USB drive.


  • A minimum degree of fitness is required to complete a tandem skydive and to ensure a safe landing for you and your instructor. Your Body Mass Index (BMI) will be measured before your check-in. Requirement -Women: weight 90KG or less/BMI:27.5 or less, Male: weight 100kg or less/BMI:27.5 or less
  • Minimum age limit us 12 years or above (on the day of your skydive. Original Valid id proof is required.
  • There must be no alcohol or drugs in your system 24 hours before your skydive.
  • Passengers are obliged to present official identification when checking in for their flight.
  • Please avoid scuba diving at least 24 hours prior to you tandem skydive.
  • Fill and submit the fitness declaration form
  • Arrive before the arrival time. Your selected slot is your arrival time not skydive time. Please plan to spend between three to four hours at the location.
  • Dress comfortably. Athletic and comfortable clothes and sneakers or sport shoes are advised.
  • You are advised to remove any jewelry, watches and other accessories before their skydive. These can be placed in the free personal lockers at our locations. Everyone will be given protective eye goggles to wear during their skydive. So, if you need to wear prescription glasses or lenses during your skydive, please do so. You do not want to miss that view!


AED 2225
AED 2225
Child (6-11yrs)
Child (2-5yrs)

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