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Whenever we say these words, we recall 25 years of travel service to various nationalities that lived in the United Arab Emirates. We think of the undying support that we have been receiving from our long-time travelers. We think of all the lifetime experiences we've been lucky to be part of, the birthdays, anniversaries, and first-time travels among other happy celebrations. It drives us to continue to be better at what we do and bring more adventure and inspiration into traveling especially in a time where safe travels matter most. Thank you for the 1000 travelers who decided to trust our team with their travel plans, we look forward to more adventures with you all.

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Growing and evolving with the travel industry has been the biggest part of the year 2020 - 2021. It's making sure to stay informed and ensure that we are reverting the right information for our travelers' safety. It's making sure that we are collaborating with a reliable insurance provider who will want to take care of our travelers' safety as much as we do. Communicating with different countries' guiding team to make sure that they are in safe hands and will swiftly breeze through a different nation's safety policies and practice.

On the overall, there were a lot of people that came together to help Team AFC make safe travels possible. 1,000+ people's flights, accommodations, excursions, meal arrangements, private transfers, PCR Testing, travel insurance arrangements, and visa applications. All within the month of July, covering more than 15 different countries all over Europe and Africa. A seemingly daunting number for one team with everything going on, but anything is possible when you commit to the right values and passion for service. Back then we didn't know if we would still be here by July 2021, only uncertainty was clear for the travel industry. Today, we reignite our passion for travel, driven with the objective for safe travels more than ever. We love taking you places!

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